Link Building Pattern now Changed

Link building is one of the most important and most complex aspects in any search engine optimization campaign. There are rules to be followed when building links for websites that are part of your SEO campaign that will point to changed patterns. The first thing you can do is to vary your anchor text. Search engines like Google, Bing, and the others will always consider natural organic links and will most likely not respond to forced linking. When there is same anchor text external links, it clearly points to forced optimization on the part of the web designer. For this reason, it is wise to alter your anchor text as you also increase your site’s popularity.

Maintaining the constant flow of inbound links is an important aspect of link building. When there is a constant presence of hundreds or even thousands of inbound links at the same time for a new website and none for some time, it does not augur well for it. This can be a costly SEO mistake since as much as building links for a website is important it is of equal importance when the flow of links coming in is maintained so that the site can feel natural to search engines.

Deep links can be quite helpful for your site and you can use them to your advantage. This is informed by the fact that it is difficult to build links for every single page of your website as important as they might be. In this case, you can have internal site linking done on the pages with a higher concentration of backlinks to those pages that have lesser backlinks. This way, you can help to spread the amount of links evenly to every important page. Ensure at the same time to place the no-follow tags for the pages, like privacy policy and contact us that you do not deem to be so important.

It is a good idea to do a mixture of good and bad links as a link building strategy. High PR quality back links are not always guaranteed by natural organic link popularity. A website that gets only high quality PR links is evidence of either forced or unnatural linking. When you mix up your back links with low quality PR links as well as high quality links it works to your advantage. Having low PR links does not mean building links on websites full of spam.
Try also to mix up no follow back links as well as no follow links to make Link Building spam free and natural. When building links do not follow the same pattern of link popularity when you alter your link building strategy at least monthly it will be difficult for anyone to track your pattern of building links. This applies to both search engines and your competitors. Aim at making the process of link development quite unpredictable for it to appear as not automatic and natural. These points can show how patterns for linking sites have changed and if followed will make your online business a successful venture.